Do you have a data science challenge with your resources data?

Then the Resources Data Analytics Project (RDAP) is for you. RDAP is a collaboration between Curtin, CSIRO and UWA to connect leading researchers with your data problems and complex challenges to produce cost effective and timely solutions. The project brings together

  • Over 100 data scientists across the three organisations
  • Long-established domain expertise in exploration, mining,modelling, processing and engineering
  • World-leading infrastructure such as the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and visualisation facilities across the partners
  • Easy contracting through a single party agreement

RDAP greatly simplifies the search for data science expertise by creating a triage team of experts from across the three organisations. These experts will work with you to define your challenge and identify the expertise within the partners needed to develop a solution. The triage team is very agile and typically less than a month is needed between the initial meeting and the development of a project proposal and plan.

If you would like to get in touch please contact Prof Andrew Rohl, Director, Curtin Institute for Computation or Andrew Bell, Strategic Project Officer, Office of Research and Development.

Case Study: Data Analytics in Mine Maintenance

Linkforce Engineering required a computer system for determining the optimal times and sequence at which maintenance activities should be conducted during mine plant shutdowns.
A team of researchers at Curtin University developed mathematical scheduling algorithms that take into account various factors such as personnel availability, plant layout, working shifts and activity time windows.
These algorithms have been shown to reduce maintenance downtime by 10% on average while ensuring that all key operational constraints are satisfied. Read more…